Our History

Text adapted from Mab Just Mab's YouTube channel description of The Weirdo Show:


The Weirdo Show began at the Palace of Wonders in Washington DC on February 15th, 2006. It was the first showcase of the variety arts at the Palace and certainly one of the most influential in introducing new acts to the Washington DC area. The brainchild of Professor Sprocket, the Weirdo Show provided an open forum to performers of all styles to showcase their skill set without constraint; be it sideshow, vaudeville, burlesque, performance art, music, etc.- all were welcome to take the stage.

From the humble beginnings on the Palace of Wonders' stage, the Weirdo Show contributed something unique and vital to the burgeoning variety community in Washington DC. In the 50+ shows produced in DC and Baltimore, MD, the Weirdo Show witnessed many fledgling performers graduate from its stage and eventually produce shows of their own.

After a brief hiatus when the Red Palace (formerly the Palace of Wonders space) closed its doors to the community forever, the Weirdo Show hosted its "final show" on May 21, 2009. After years of dormancy, this show made its comeback on September 7th 2013 at the Bier Baron, thanks to Kellan Hancock, who took the show in as his own for nearly two years. In 2015, he passed the (flaming) torch to sideshow history enthusiast and performer, Dr. Torcher (Michelle Carnes), and her husband, DC theater productioneer, Mark Anduss.

Now host to a monthly event on every 3rd Friday at the Bier Baron (1523 22nd st NW, Washington DC), the Weirdo Show is once again a home to any and all variety performers throughout the world, seeking to perform on stage in our Nation's Capital!

These short films capture the spirit and essence of this DC institution and features proud Weirdo Show progenitor, Professor Sprocket!

"Even the most bizarre and eccentric acts pale in comparison to the Weirdo Show...Now how can you pass that up, huh?" - Washingtonian

"Did you ever think you’d see the words carrot and merkin together in a sentence? Well you just did, and if you had been at the show, they wouldn’t be just words!" - Lucretia Blozia, DC Metro Theater Arts

IT'S ALIIIIVE! Come witness the mutant show that returns from the dead, defies explanation and survives against all odds: THE WEIRDO SHOW!

Come witness the misfit variety show that survives against all odds ... Since 2006, DC's monthly cult favorite for freaks, geeks and exposed buttcheeks!