Weirdo Show Performer FAQ:

How many acts do performers usually do at the DC Weirdo Show?
Performers usually do two acts ranging from 5-10 minutes (no longer than 4 minutes for fire acts).  If you prefer to only do a single act, let us know; depending on the show, this is typically workable.

Do I get paid? How much?
Each performer gets a share of the door. Performers doing two acts get two shares. Emcees, stage assistants and performers doing a single act receive a single share of the door.

What can I do to maximize my earnings?
We offer a Ticket Bonus in cash to the performer who refers the most online ticket sales. That gets you more money two ways. You get your share of each ticket sold (more tickets sold = more money for everyone), plus you earn a Ticket Bonus if you get the most referrals. There is a dropdown box in the online ticket form where your friends can select your name for your referral. Ticket Bonus funds come from VIP button sales at the show - NOT from your fellow performers' payouts. We also do a raffle at the show. Contributing a raffle item gets you a share of the raffle ticket sales.

Do I get a food or drink discount on the night of the show?
Performers get 50% off food at the Bier Baron on the night of the show.

How do your fundraiser shows work?
From time to time, we select a cause important to us and raise funds in support. We work with our venue to donate 10% of the venue's take (this does NOT affect your cut as a cast member). If you are performing in a fundraiser show with us, you will be paid in cash at the end of the night. You may choose to donate all/some/none of your pay to the fundraiser. You may consider your performance at the show to be your contribution. Your decision will be kept confidential and you are encouraged to make the choice that you are most comfortable with. We appreciate whatever level/form you contribute!

What is the call time/when do I need to be there the night of the show?
Call time is 7:30pm. If you have technical requirements that will benefit from additional time in the space, we suggest getting to the Bier Baron earlier. We start loading in at 6:30pm.

As a performer, what kinds of materials do you need from me before the show?

  • A performer profile with your act details and bio (
  • A high resolution photo of you (strong preference for images of you in character or performing the skill you're doing at the show) sent to Mark or our Dropbox
  • Music/sound files for your act/s sent to Mark or our Dropbox

My act has music. How do I get that to you?
We program all of the sound cues in advance and run them from an iPad in the sound booth. Send your music no later than 1 week before the show. 128kbps or better mp3s are preferred. Contact us if you need to arrange another format. Music can be emailed to Mark or uploaded to our Dropbox.

What happens if I don’t send you my music by the deadline?
If you don’t send us your music, we will play the Benny Hill Theme for your act! If you are doing two acts and forget to send your music, you will get the Benny Hill Theme for the 1st and silence for the 2nd. We will let the audience know what happened. Weird on purpose is fun. Weird due to negligence is not... Don’t make your acts unintentionally weird by not submitting your music on time!

As an emcee or stage assistant, what kinds of materials do you need from me?

  • A high resolution photo of you (strong preference for images of you in character) sent to Mark or our Dropbox
  • A bio of your performer persona sent to Michelle via email


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